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About Us

Why? Who? How?



We saw an opportunity to help accounting students with their handbooks and flags. We know the handbooks are expensive, and difficult to carry around so we sought to change the way students protect their handbooks so that they can focus on their studies.



Cacoon is made up of a team of South Africans who are passionate about creating innovative products that fix problems all accounting students face. 



We have designed protective and lightweight wooden cases that are durable and withstand the elements. Each cacoon is designed specifically for a designated handbook as they vary in size. Each is manufactured from local materials using local hands which allows us to support local business. Our offices are based in Johannesburg and we ship nationally all throughout South Africa.



Halfway through 2018, our founder identified a problem many students face on university campuses: cradling around heavy SAICA handbooks like holding a newborn in order to protect the hundreds of little flags pointing to important information within the handbook. It was then that he started designing a product that would be an essential addition to every accounting student's studying arsenal.

Cacoon was born.

Our founder premissed Cacoon on two important foundations:


Each product should be made of quality materials that would last.

Customer Service

We want every customer to love the Cacoon brand as much as we do.

Our Values

We want to develop and use our capabilities to create real, sustainable, and superior value for our customers.

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